Motorcraft 2150

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New-to-me "02 TJ.


My new-to-me TJ will hopefully be my daily driver and weekend toy.

She had just under 102k miles when I adopted her.

Everything looks stock, and she drives like a dream, or like a box. These Midwest winds gusting 25mph+ aren’t the same as in the old coupe I’m used to.

Since I’m not that knowledgeable about the mechanical aspect, where can I find schematics, or even exploded views with part names/numbers?

The undercarriage doesn’t have more than surface rust in places, but the drive-shaft is fairly covered. And there are bushings everywhere that I’ve no idea what the part they’re attached to is called! Where can I learn this information?!

YouTube has been a massive help this far, but everything I’ve found seems geared toward the YJ. Suggestions?

Also, I’ve noticed a “crunch” when unlocking the driver’s door lock with the key. It sounds like metal on metal, maybe a bad spring? Do I need to rebuild the lock or purchase a new one and rekey?

Thanks for being such an amazing community! I’m sure I’ll have a million more questions!

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Upgraded shocks and rear anti-sway bar

Yesterday we FINALLY got a day of dry and warm weather, so I installed the shocks and rear anti-sway bar that had purchased in February, and I thought I’d report on the results.

When driving it over rough or uneven road or dodging pot holes (especially when turning), my Wrangler always rock ‘n rolled fairly severely from side to side making my head feel like one of those bobblehead dolls.

My JK only has about 9,000 miles on it, and is used primarily as a daily driver, but it is also used as a toad for my motor home and as a tow vehicle for a hard sided pop-up camper. Its factory spring numbers are 14 Front and 55 Rear. I also have air booster springs installed inside the rear coil springs, which help compensate for the tongue weight of my camper trailer.

On the advice of Pressurized and others on this forum, I bought a set of 4 new Rancho 5000x shocks and a new Hellwig rear anti-sway bar. Although I have only test driven on them about 10 miles, so far they seem to have cured the rock n’ roll problem. Here are the components I bought:

Shocks: Rancho RS5000X Gas Shocks set – 07-15 Jeep Wrangler JK:…?ie=UTF8psc=1

Sway bar: Hellwig 7706 Rear Anti-Sway Bar for Wrangler JK:…?ie=UTF8psc=1

The installation took about 3 hours (much of which was chasing down tools).

The Rancho 5000x shocks are considerably more robust looking than the JK OEM shocks, but when test driving after the install, they provided a smoother (less choppy) ride. So far they seem like a winner. The install was fairly straight-forward, except for the front passenger side shock which required breaking out a little plastic on the top mount to make room for the Rancho’s slightly bigger top rubber bushing/washer/nut pieces. Also, for both front shocks I super-glued the top washer and nut to the rubber bushing, creating 1 piece instead of 3 (this made installation a lot easier). I installed the rear shocks without removing the rear wheels, but I removed the front wheels for better access when installing the front shocks.

The Hellwig rear anti-sway bar is a little bigger in diameter than the OEM JK anti-sway bar, which provides increased anti-sway ability. The installation was not too difficult, but I did end up removing both rear wheels – this was necessary to wiggle the OEM anti-sway bar out and thread the Hellwig bar back in. At first I thought I was going to have to drop the exhaust system, but ended up not.

FCA used a real variety of different metric-sized bolts and nuts on these components, so doing these installs required a good set of metric sockets and box wrenches. I used 16mm, 17mm, 18mm, and 19mm sizes, plus an adjustable wrench. Ratcheting box wrenches were especially helpful.

So far I’m happy with the new shocks and anti-sway bar.

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Kayak out the back window?

Hello. Was thinking about purchasing a 10ft kayak this summer. My 2-door (soft top) JK is my only transportation. Was wondering if when the top was down, if I could transport it by putting the seats down and hanging it out over the tailgate? I’ll only need to drive 1-2 miles max. Is this a stupid idea? Would rather ask now before I purchase something…

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How much could I get for Zone 3" lift

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Rollbar Covers: DirtyDog v. Cage Covers

Who has either one?



Got a 2 DR and the covers are fading, looking to replace with something fresh and will not fade as quickly.

For the unaware:


Cage Covers:…nt=17658582533

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Tracking the elusive Jimmy Buffett

From the San Diego Union Tribune: “Changes in latitudes: Tracking the elusive Jimmy Buffett (and Playhouse’s ‘Margaritaville’)

We dropped in for a rehearsal of La Jolla Playhouse’s world-premiere musical “Escape to Margaritaville” earlier this week, and got to hear some Jimmy Buffett songs set to a Jimmy Buffett-minded story with a very Jimmy Buffett vibe.

The only question was: Where’s Jimmy?

And the answer, judging by social media, seems to be: Kind of everywhere.

To back up a bit: Buffett was in town about three weeks ago to meet with the cast and creative team of “Margaritaville,” the Broadway-bound show built around his song catalog as well as some brand-new music. Here’s a quick clip from his visit:

He also snuck in a “secret” show at Solana Beach’s Belly Up Tavern that sold out quicker than you can say “Son of a son of a sailor”.

And he took a moment out of his busy schedule of surfing and singing to snap this shot at the Torrey Pines golf course.

So where did he go?

First it was off to Fiji — on a private plane with a full quiver of surfboards, because if you’re Jimmy Buffett that’s just what you do.

Then it was on to Australia, to perform at an Easter weekend concert festival and chill with the likes of pro surfer and 11-time world champion Kelly Slater.

Now, Buffett — who’s also an accomplished pilot — appears to be winging his way around New Zealand.


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Targeting Sailfish In The Southeast Region With Capt. Jimbo Thomas

April is usually a windy month, so we do a lot of kite fishing for sailfish. If the wind is calm, you can still fly a kite using a helium balloon to supplement the wind, or you can just go to slow trolling live baits.

In April, we typically target sailfish in anywhere from 90 to 250 feet of water, looking for rips or color changes. Some days the fish are better in the green water and some days you get the bite in the blue water. So, what we’ll do is sit right on the color change and put up two kites, each with two baits, and we’ll position them so that two of the baits are on each side of the color change. If you start getting bites on one side of the color change, then you want to move all your baits to that side of it.

At the same time, we have four baits out on the kites, we’ll put three or four more in the water on flat lines off the transom. Those baits will pick up anything that swims close to the boat, and at the same time serve as a bait you have quick access to if a fish comes within casting distance. All you have to do is grab the rod, reel the bait in and pitch it at the cruising fish.

Off Miami, we like to use threadfin herring for bait because they’re easy to catch, but goggle-eye, pilchards, cigar minnows and blue runners are also good baits. Ultimately whatever you have in the livewell will work, but we prefer threadfin herring.

Fish the sails on 20 pound tackle, either spinning or conventional, whichever you’re more comfortable with. We’ll use a 50 or 60 pound monofilament leader and 6/0 circle hook bridled to the baits using a Gerry Rig. When the fish swims up and grabs the bait, just wait for the rod to bend over and reel, and you’ll be hooked up.

Ideal sailfishing conditions off South Florida are a blue water, north current and a north wind. North current and blue water is pretty good on any wind, while a south current is usually the kiss of death, as is a southwesterly wind, although a westerly or northwesterly wind is usually fine. It seems like a southwest wind is an indicator of a rising barometer which will shut the fish down.

Our average sailfish is 40 to 50 pounds, but they get to about 70 pounds. Unlike the Pacific sailfish which are larger, the Atlantic sailfish is a lot tougher fish and better fight. These fish go ballistic when hooked, tailwalking across the surface and making long unbelievably fast runs, so you want to have reels that have at least 300 yard line capacity.

A lot of times the sailfish travel in small schools of 3 to 6 fish or more, so you don’t want to pull all the lines out when you hook a fish. Instead, you want to keep as many lines in the water and have a pitch rod ready to throw to the hooked fish in case you see another fish following it. It’s not uncommon to hook sailfish in multiples of two, three or four fish, which is just a blast to see. Any time you have a bunch of hooked sailfish jumping behind the boat and going crazy, the adrenaline will be flowing and everyone will be having a great day.

Even though it’s legal to harvest a sailfish if it’s large enough, we release all the sailfish we catch to help keep the overall populations strong. The fish you release today may be the fish you catch again in the future.

Captain Tips

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Mystic Roots Band to Release ‘Change’ on May 5th

Pop-reggae fusion standouts Mystic Roots Band have been spreading their messages of positivity through their music for almost 20 years. The Chico, CA based 5-piece have stood out as a prime example of blending a melting pot of different genres in their music while using reggae as their overarching foundation. Having methodically pieced together their next studio album for several years, MRB has announced Change — available May 5 via Stay Positive Productions/Roots Musician Music.

Categorizing or branding Mystic Roots Band in one way or another is a tall order; comparisons and influences have often been stated to include No Doubt, Sublime and Rihanna. Each member of the band contributes vocals in some fashion which leads to some epic harmonious tones in a bulk of their music –- led by the versatile Katherine Ramirez (who was also featured in Season 7 of American Idol). Each album from MRB thus far has been quality work, and it’s worth revisiting the fact that their 2nd studio album Cali-HI was included by iTunes in their submission of “Best Reggae Albums of 2010” –- an accolade not given to many.

MRB continues to embrace their party mentality as well which can be made evident throughout some of their song titles, but also as part of their roots in which the group originally came to fruition from throwing college backyard parties while in Chico, CA. That uplifting spirit has historically found a way to ingrain itself into their music with their discography to date.

Campfire Vol. 1 – Camp (Roots) and Campfire Vol. 2 – Fire (Remixes) are the most recent full-album releases from MRB from 2013, and the band has been hard at work to finalize Change. News had been shared that MRB took a stab at experimenting with new styles and sounds and the dynamic writing and singing styles of Katherine Ramirez, Cootdog and Marko remain a constant foundation for the new record. EDM enthusiasts will also get to dabble in some trap music from MRB, as the closing track, “Ready for it (Refix)” is sure to be a banger on your summer playlist.

The lead-off track which MRB have already offered up on streaming services entitled “Trouble” paints the picture and sets the tone for the messaging of the album to invoke change through their music including lyrics of “Living in a system feeling trouble in the world/Trying to find a way to create love around the world.”

Additionally, MRB released the lead single of “Ready for It” in 2014 which pivots back to an immediately uplifting track, getting listeners in the mood to escape their daily routine and head straight for a festival (something that sounds pretty awesome, pretty much all of the time).

Turn up your speakers and check out the official lyric video for “Trouble” below as well as the video for “Ready for It” and make sure to circle your calendars for May 5 to grab your copy of Change!

Mystic Roots Band – Change Track-list:
mystic roots band - change1.) Trouble
2.) Marie
3.) Lullaby
4.) Ready for It
5.) Cry No More
6.) Change
7.) I’m Good
8.) Trumpets
9.) Sticky Situation
10.) Making You Mine
11.) Remind Me
12.) Little Bit of Love
13.) Lullaby Reprise
14.) Trumpets Dub
15.) Ready For It (Refix)

MRB on Tour

MRB has grown quite accustomed to playing big-time shows over the years to include various music festivals and supporting notable bands to include 311, Rebelution, Blink-182, Slightly Stoopid, Pato Banton and many more -– traveling across the globe to have also performed shows in Asia, Japan, Guam and Singapore. In addition, the band have been touring relentlessly for years, as made evident by their ability to electrify their audience each show without fail. MRB has over 1,500 shows under their belt to date. The immediate radar includes shows scattered through April including several shows with Katchafire -– and they can also be found in August performing a set at Reggae on The River and a special hometown show in downtown Chico, CA. Check out the full list of dates below and circle back to see if additional dates are announced in support of Change.


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Article By: Brian Glaser

Watch: Mystic Roots Band – “Trouble”

Watch: Mystic Roots Band – “Ready for It (Summer Festival)”

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winching large rocks

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