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Take all of this with a grain of salt as I still have stock suspension(it works for me)…….I just do A LOT of reading while at work

I think that Metalcloak may offer a military discount(I assume by the SN you’re ex-military).
When others with a lot more knowledge than I come in here, they’ll suggest you figure out what you want out of your Jeep. That Metalcloak is one of the best from my readings, but if all you’ll do is street/camp out of the TJ…….you may be able to get something like the Zone lift(which gets good reviews for a cheap lift).

Also, you may want to call DPG(I think he’s name is Dirk). I’ve seen multiple posts where he has walked people through the suspensions based on their needs.

From their site:

For technical questions regarding suspension, PLEASE CALL US!!!!

(316) 776-9900

Monday thru Thursday: 9am-5pm (CST)
Suspension discussions are NEVER as simple as most people think. Please don’t e-mail us with those questions, as that process takes forever and we cannot keep up with multiple conversations between multiple customers via E-mail!
We don’t do “cookie cutter” lift kits. Every suspension we sell is tuned for YOUR particular vehicle. Many options upgrades are inexpensive or even FREE, but the entire kit must be built properly for YOUR vehicle to exhibit optimum ride quality, handling and performance. A quick phone call saves us a lot of time over multiple e-mails!
If you need a shipping quote on a specific product to a specific State zip code, e-mail is great.
If you have questions about shock types lengths, spring rates, lift heights, which kit/components would be best for you, etc, etc, please CALL!

We are currently experiencing difficulties with our e-mail service. We get some e-mails, while others are not making it to us.

If you e-mailed us and haven’t heard back within 24-48 hours, please call! (316) 776-9900


Mailing address:
DPG Off-Road
PO Box 190
Rose Hill, KS 67133

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Video Premiere: Darenots – Murda Whistle

Based out of Canada, here is the video premiere for the Darenots new single “Murda Whistle.” The group filmed the video in Toronto Ontario with live tour footage edited into the mix. It was shot by Dustin O’Donnel with editing by Swav Pior. The track is from the Strange Love Vol.1 EP that dropped on June 16th via Law Records. The group is expected to continue releasing 3-song EP’s over the next several months, so Vol. 1 is clearly your introduction to whats next. You can purchase the song, “Murda Whistle” by clicking HERE! Enjoy the song and video…

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Travelling between Jackson Hole and Union Peak

I will be heading up to WY with some friends in the RV with the Jeep in tow for the big eclipse event in August. I have several viewing sites picked out along the path of totality but there are obviously a lot of unknowns when routing over the internet.

Would love any advice from you guys if you’ve been around the area. Mostly I would be curious if any of the roads I’m seeing on Google are off limits, destroyed, impassable, etc.

Trying to locate a scenic spot in the middle of nowhere. We will be base camped in Boulder. I am particularly keen on Sites 8-11 as they involve lots of backroad instead of highways. I imagine the view from Site 11, near Union Peak, is probably superb, but a long drive to get there.

Any advice appreciated. Tag alongs would be fun as well.

Site 1 Site 2 Site 3 Site 4 Site 5 Site 6 Site 7 Site 8 Site 9 Site 10 Site 11

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Buffett talks with Chris Jones in Chicago

From the Chicago Tribune: “Jimmy Buffett and his Parrot Heads take over the Playhouse

The event was Jimmy Buffett talks with Chris Jones and Christopher Ashley, but it could have been a listed as a quadruple bill: Jimmy Buffett, the Tribune’s Chris Jones, Christopher Ashley and a house full of Parrot Heads, so much a part of the proceedings were the room full of Buffett fans Monday night at the Broadway Playhouse at Water Tower Place.

Buffett, fresh off a concert at Wrigley Field this weekend, was still in town come Monday to talk about “Escape to Margaritaville,” his current project, a theatrical musical based on his songs and directed by Ashley, set to stage in November at the Oriental Theatre. The conversation in the intimate Playhouse covered a grab bag of topics, from Buffett’s early days playing in Chicago at the now-defunct Quiet Knight Bar, where he crossed paths with a musical influence (Bob Marley), to what song he had better not leave out of his musical, as demanded by some cheerfully boisterous booing from the crowd (“A Pirate Looks at Forty”).

Other topics for the evening’s conversation: Buffett’s Margaritaville empire (there are plans for retirement homes, with yoga, paddle board “and yes there will be medical marijuana”). Why Buffett crowds still feel welcoming in our divided times (folks at his concerts are in a “state of exuberation,” he said, “ and then on Monday everyone has to go back to work.”) A funny anecdote of him falling off stage in Australia, only for him to wake up in a hospital watching a video of him falling off stage in Australia. The low point of his musical career when his record company tried to make him a country music star (“I got out of Nashville. I went to Key West. There was a reason.”). His own retirement (“Retire from what?”).


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1997 Jeep Wrangler SE, 2.5l (4 Cylinder), 5-Speed Manual, Soft Top, Extended Fender Flares, JKU Altitude Rims 255/60R18 – Bridgestone Dueler A/T’s using Spacer/Adapters

2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon Hard Rock, Auto, 3.73

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Review: Dispatch – America, Location 12

Dispatch – America, Location 12
Track Listing:
1.) Be Gone
2.) Only the Wild Ones
3.) Curse + Crush
4.) Painted Yellow Lines
5.) Skin The Rabbit
6.) Midnight Lorry
7.) Begin Again
8.) Rice Water
9.) Windylike
10.) Ghost Town
11.) Atticus Cobain

The Pier Album Rating:

Release Date: June 2nd, 2017
Record Label: Bomber Records, LLC
Official Website: Dispatch Website

Artist Background:
Dispatch is a self-proclaimed “funk and reggae packed rock band” originating from Middlebury, VT. Throughout the past decade, the musical output from Dispatch has been sporadic – aside from having headlined and sold out a three-night reunion run at Madison Square Garden in 2007 and releasing Circles Around The Sun (their first album in over a decade at the time in 2012), things had become relatively quiet out of the Dispatch camp. The indie trio has returned with their latest release America, Location 12 with big shoes to fill, as Circles Around the Sun peaked at #7 on the US Rock Albums chart. The band is comprised of Chadwick Stokes Urmston, Pete Francis and Brad Corrigan.

Album Review:
America, Location 12 is a musical delight. Bolstered by 11 tracks that conclude far too quickly, Dispatch may have crafted their best record yet, and have certainly outdone themselves from recent releases. While it may seem a bit politically charged at times, this record has a steady flow expanding into more noticeable folky accents, but it works marvelously.

The opening track “Be Gone” sets the tone early with progressively emphatic lyrics and instrumentals, alongside a memorable chorus in true Dispatch fashion.

“Only The Wild Ones” enters the fold right after and was the first track Dispatch dropped several months ago leading up to the release of the album. The song is vibrant and lively in nature; acoustically driven and uplifting with a moving chorus picking up speed as the song progresses. “Painted Yellow Lines” sounds almost reminiscent of Blue Oyster Cult for a moment or two, featuring some clean distortion, lighter vocals and nourishing lyrics.

Enter perhaps the greatest track on the album, “Skin The Rabbit” -– hard to not hit the repeat button on this one. The chugging on the groovy, rugged intro is the most addictive of riffs and paves the way for another monumental chorus shortly into the track. The background of the song was revealed by Chadwick Stokes to be a metaphorical depiction of “exposing those who crave power in the name of the people.”

Hard to believe that having the last decade of their musical careers being weighted heavily on the focus of their hiatus and sporadic appearances, Dispatch has washed away all misconception or proceed-with-caution notions as this album blows their most recent work out of the water and finds them stronger than they’ve ever been. America, Location 12 has so much to offer the listener — this album will certainly leave the listener coming back for more, and will absolutely transition beautifully to a live setting.

Written Reviewed By: Brian Glaser

[Editors Note: All reviews are reflective of the album in it’s entirety, from start to finish. These reviews are the honest opinion of each writer/reviewer expressing their feedback as a genuine fan of the music. Each star rating reflects their review of the album, NOT the band. Music is subjective. Regardless of the review or star rating, we encourage you to listen to the music yourself form your own opinion. Spread the awareness of all music in its art contribution]

Listen: Dispatch – “Only the Wild Ones”

Listen: Dispatch – “Painted Yellow Lines”

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Best way to attack exhaust spacer bolts?

So I’m attempting to install exhaust spacers on my 2012 JK and it’s proven to be a pain. Got both bolts off on the passenger side. The driver’s side is giving me issues. I snapped the head off of the bottom bolt (easier one to get to). The top one is stuck and I can’t get my breaker bar in there. What’s the best way to get the top bolt out and remove the snapped bolt in the bottom?

Both are pretty damn rusted too

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Permit 2017

© 2017 – Florida Insider Fishing Report | R M Media, Inc.

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Targeting Permit in the East Region With Capt. Mike Holliday



When people think of my region, permit fishing isn’t the first thing that comes to mind, despite the fact that we have some of the best fishing and some of the biggest permit found in Florida waters. July is prime time for permit fishing in my region, as the fish are schooled up on the reefs and wrecks, as well as around the inlets and on the beaches.

Permit on the reefs and wrecks are part of the spawning aggregation of fish, and tend to be in large schools of mostly larger fish somewhere in the 20 to 40-pound range. These fish can be seen bobbing in the sargassum weed during the calm days, or just mooning, flashing or finning on the surface.

Any time you have large concentrations of permit, the fish become more competitive for food, and are thus easier to get to eat a bait or fly than the singles, doubles or small pods of fish that you’d typically encounter on a Keys flat. If you approach these fish slowly and quietly by either drifting within casting range or using your trolling motor, you’ll get plenty of shots at fish.

One of the things I like to do is use the Anchor feature on my Minn Kota Ulterra trolling motor to hold my boat in position near a reef or wreck and then watch the side imaging screen on my Humminbird Solix 15 to spot the fish, which look exactly like a school of permit swimming by the boat. You can tell which direction the fish are moving, where they are and how deep, so all you have to do is put a live crab or a crab and ¼-ounce jig in front of them, and you’ll get a bite.

Since these fish are not only large, but powerful, I target them with 30-pound braided line on an 8-foot medium heavy rod and 6000 size spinning reel. You’ll want the longer rod to make long casts with a light crab. Add a 40-pound fluorocarbon leader to help prevent rub-offs if the fish gets into the reef, and you can really lean on them and heat them up.

July is also a month when we’re still have extreme low tides on the new and full moons, and those tides are sucking a ton of crabs out the inlets. The crabs are riding on the dead seagrass floating on the surface, and the permit will be around the mouth of the inlets or feeding along that weed line as it wraps outside and works its way offshore.

You can drop your trolling motor and just buzz up and down the weedline sight casting to feeding fish that are slurping crabs out of the grass. The inlet fish can be anywhere from 10 to 40 pounds, so I fish them with 20-pound tackle, and an unweighted crab on a 3/0 VMC circle hook. When you see a fish eat a crab off the grass, just cast near the area and ahead of the fish, and it’ll rush that crab and engulf it.

Permit on the beach tend to travel in schools, although there are also some very large fish that travel in singles and pairs. They tend to be near rockpiles, with the school fish averaging 10 to 20 pounds, and singles and pairs representing the largest fish you’ll encounter. These fish are very spooky, so any time you cast to them you want to lead them so the bait splashing on the surface when it lands doesn’t scare the fish. Permit have excellent eyesight, so if you get the crab within 15 feet of it, the fish will likely spot it.

When hooked, permit are some of the toughest fish to land, and don’t give up easily, even when at the boat. You can legally harvest one fish, but most permit anglers release them, as the population in my region is limited and we want to keep that population healthy for future generations. Grab the fish, snap a picture, remove the hook, revive it and let it go. Then grab your rod, pin on a bait and get another one!

Captain Tips

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Photos from the Chicago Show

Some photos from the show at Wrigley Field on July 15th (in the picture above Jimmy Buffett with Huey Lewis and Frank Marshall)

“Go Cubs Go”


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