Hard door Glass replacement

I’d check out an automotive glass shop (or several). They may stock what you’re looking for or at least have some idea of where to get them.

I’m sure you’ve already tried a dealer parts dept. What I’ve found, is that if you go there in person, it’s harder for the counter person to lazily say “They’re no longer available” than to actually look them up. Try to go mid-morning or mid-afternoon on a weekday when they’re less likely to be so busy.

EG terminal has a good website for automotive hardware. I don’t know if they carry glass hardware or not, but as an outside chance, I’d try there….or perhaps Fastenal.

Where’d you buy the glass. They may have a source for the plastic gizmos.

Good Luck, L.M.

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ARB Freezer Slide in the Back of a JK

Good Evening,
Has anyone used this slide in the cargo area of their Jeep?

Did it work? I’m trying to find a good way to secure a 37qt Fridge in the back of my JK 2-dr.

Article source: http://www.wranglerforum.com/f1169/arb-freezer-slide-in-the-back-of-a-jk-2160353.html

Having some issues

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How’s YOU

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98 TJ Crankshaft Position Sensor Part Number

Hey Folks,

Can somebody verify the correct Mopar part number for a Crankshaft Position Sensor for a 98 TJ 4.0 5 Speed?

68281273AA or 4897321AA

I believe it’s the first one. I have read that there are different models depending on whether you have Manual or Automatic and I want to make sure before I drop $100 ordering one.

Of course, if either of those part numbers are incorrect or have been superseded with something new please let me know.

As always, thanks for the help.

Article source: http://www.wranglerforum.com/f210/98-tj-crankshaft-position-sensor-part-number-2158817.html

Buffett performs in Vancouver

Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band performed last night at the Rogers Arena in Vancouver Canada. He last performed in Vancouver on October 17, 1993 during the Chameleon Caravan Tour. The set list from the show is now available.

Sarah Mclachlan was a special guest for the show and joined Buffett for the songs “Learning To Fly” (Tom Petty cover), “A Pirate Looks At Forty”, and “Wildflowers” (Tom Petty cover).


Article source: http://www.buffettnews.com/2017/10/14/27115/

FRIDAY the 13! Save 13% OFF FULL SITE!

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New diff gears, why the "break in"?

To me, something’s not making sense here. Been Jeeping for a few decades, owned 9 different Jeeps and, have changed gears in diffs plenty of times. But, when I changed gears in our ’04 Rubi, we never did any form of a break-in. Took it out, right from the git-go and used the Jeep. Drove it on freeways, off roaded it, took it to Moab and more, all within the first 500 – 1000 miles. Never had any trouble with those.

Now, one thing more. There are HOW MANY vehicles manufactured every single day in this country alone, quite a few thousand, and, each and every one of them has a BRAND NEW SET OF GEARS, IN A BRAND NEW DIFFERENTIAL. And yet, there’s ZERO requirements or manufacturer’s instructions to break those in from the git-go.

So, what’s different with the gears and bearings that’s installed in a gear change, to the gears and bearings of a brand new car/truck/JEEP/motorhome/anything?

I’m getting brand new 4:56s installed today (changed from 3:73s) at our local dealer and, I’ll find out tomorrow when I pick the Jeep up if they tell me to “break them in”. Now, if any of you have done a gear change recently, many of you have maybe been instructed to:

1. For 20 minutes, drive normally around town.
2. Park it for a complete cool down of the gears
3. Drive for another 20 minutes and cool down again.
4. Drive at freeway speeds for around 20 minutes and, again, cool down completely.
5. Do it once more at least, then a cool down.
6. And finally, at 500 miles, change the gear oil.

There is no such instructions for a brand new car/truck/Jeep etc. To me, gears are gears. What comes in a brand new diff, on a brand new car/truck/jeep etc, is the same thing that you use when you change to a new set of diff gears for your reasons. Am I missing something here?

Article source: http://www.wranglerforum.com/f202/new-diff-gears-why-the-break-in-2158177.html

Thoughts on tires

Read a couple threads on this. Man it is a tougher choice than I thought. I have a 16 JKU Black bear. Just put on the 2″ MOPAR lift. It has stock rims and tires (R 17 31.5). I wanted to bump it up to some 33s and keep the stock black bear rims. I just like the stock Black Bear rims and one thing I have been trying to do is keep it “Black Bear” as much as possible.

My Jeep is a DD with some trail time. With 3rd row seating we take it on LONG highway drives. Wanted to look for some tires that were more aggressive than the stock but not something that would be loud as crap and vibrate me out of my seat. Have looked at some but cannot really make up my mind. Anyone have any suggestions for some I should take a look at?

Article source: http://www.wranglerforum.com/f274/thoughts-on-tires-2157601.html

CCA Star Florida Awards Banquet

Saturday, October 21, 2017 – 5:00pm

Join our captains at the CCA Star Florida Awards Banquet at Lake Eva Event Center | 799 Johns Ave | Haines City, 33844. Tickets are $50 and include the awards ceremony, performance, dinner, open bar, auctions and raffles. Buy online here at ccaflstar.com

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